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Who I am?

Surgeon and dermatologist with a degree from “Universidad Católica de Santa María (UCSM)” and “Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal (UNFV)”. In my vast experience as a surgeon and dermatologist I have been able to help many people with different skin, hair and nail conditions in the kindest, most ethical and humane way.

A good surgeon and dermatologist must not limit to attend and prescribe the patient, but must also understand him in order to provide a treatment that fits his lifestyle. There is no routine or general treatment for all people, several factors such as skin type, age and skin condition must be taken into account to establish the best treatment. For this reason, the doctor must focus on giving personalized and complete attention to each patient, understanding their emotional situation and the reason why they sought a specialist.

Professional Information

CMP:36223 RNE:21181


Médica Cirujana, 2000, Universidad Católica de Santa María
Médica Dermatóloga, 2010, Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal


Dermatología Clínica
Dermatología Quirúrgica
Dermatología Estética

National Associations

Miembro de CIDERM: Círculo Dermatológico del Perú
Miembro de Peruderm

International Associations

Miembro de EADV: European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
Miembro de SBCD: Sociedad Brasilera de Cirugía Dermatológica
Miembro de CILAD: Colegio Ibero Latino
Americano de Dermatología

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